Sprint Filter P08WP Waterproof Universal Pod Filter , oriented 60mm (f)

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Sprint Filter P08WP - The High Performance Waterproof Universal Air Filter

In independent lab testing, Sprint Filter P08WP waterproof polyester tissue outperformed virtually all other leading brand filters.

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The Sprint Filter P08WP waterproof universal pod filter

  • For bikes equipped with external direct intake filters
  • Innovative polyester material allows for consistent airflow
  • Special PTFE (Teflon) treatment creates a waterproof barrier
  • Optimized filter surface area provides more airflow, more power and better filtration
  • Increased air permeability and filtration efficiency when compared to cotton air filters
  • Meets ISO 5011 Coarse Dust Test requirements
  • Can be cleaned using only compressed air - no more messy washing
  • Dry filter, no oil treatments required - no more oil-stained clothing!
More Information
Brand Sprint Filter
Filter Shape Round conical
Filter Length 128
Overall Length 182
Flange Inside Diameter 60
Top Outside Diameter 86
Base Outside Diameter 100
Flange Position Centre
Offset Application None
Flange Angle 20 deg
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